bug in installing Greenshot


I tried to downloand and install Greenshot. I have win 2003 and XP. It would not install. I got a box that said an error occurred during the setup, while installing the dependencies and I was instructed to manually install ".NET framework 2.0" Setup cannot continue. Please click cancel to exit.

The only thing I understood there was "Setup cannot continue. Please click cancel to exit."

I have utterly no idea what is wrong, except that the software did not work.

Further , this form asked me to choose a valid option for owner, and I have no idea what THAT means. It would not accept my own name so I chose one of the three offered names at random. Again, I have utterly no idea what is going on there.




Jens Klingen
May 21, 2013, 3:11 PM

Hi Steve,

Don't worry, we are not taking your feedback personally, and we appreciate you keeping us up to date about your progress with this.
What I was trying to say that we are trying hard to be as helpful as possible with any issues, but there are very few special situations in which we cannot seem to help out, especially when there are strong signs that Greenshot is not actually the source of the problem.

Glad to hear that the installation of .NET 2 service pack 2 resolved your problems - we will definitely keep that in mind in case someone else approaches us with similar problems in future. I am not sure whether this condition is something we could check automatically or not, but we will have a look into this.

Is it safe to assume that your issues are sorted out and that this ticket can be closed?

Thanks and best regards,

Pete Yanker
January 2, 2017, 2:23 PM

Hi Steve,

I just installed Greenshot on Windows XP Professional.

The install failed the first time, but found if I reinstalled as administrator. The installation completed. Probably a permission issue. I had no internet access.

Nice product!


Barbara B
January 8, 2017, 11:30 PM

I am also unable to install the latest version when prompted to do so: I am using Windows 10 Pro/64-bit.

I tried Pete's suggestion above but even when running as an Administrator the error message continued to appear.

The error message I receive when trying to do the install (the latest version at this time being Release is as follows:

"Setup has detected that Greenshot is currently running. Please close all instances of it now, then click OK to continue or Cancel to Exit."

As far as I can tell there is NOT another instance running; none is reported by Task Manager, and I have rebooted prior to the attempted install to try and clear out anything in the cache. I still get the same message. It occurs immediately after I have selected the Language (English) in which I want to install it.

Any assistance in getting the install to work would be most gratefully appreciated.

Robin Krom
January 9, 2017, 8:16 AM

This ticket was about Windows XP, which we can no longer support.
Your issue is probably a different one.

The installer tests if a "Mutex" (a technology inside Windows which makes it possible to use an application or resource only once) is set. This should usually only be the case if Greenshot is running, especially after a reboot this should not be there..
Although, during the start of Windows Greenshot might be started again? This doesn't explain why greenshot.exe is not visible in the tassk manager, except if you have started it with admin rights -> you might need to use the task manager with admin rights too.

Another problem might be simply that a some process, whatever the reason, has greenshot.exe or the directory locked.
Maybe you can tell us what virus scanner you have? Or any other applications which might not be usual?

February 21, 2017, 5:47 PM

Hi guys,

I didn't find a way to ask you a new question, so I'm just gonna do it in this thread....

Could you pls tell me: once i saved a screenshot with annotations with greenshot .., how can I open it back with greenshot to make more annotations in future time (it only lets me open it with Paint or some other graphic program)

thank you for your reply!!
If you could answer it to my email that would be great: gregska@gmail.com

thank you again!! it's a great software application!!
I also just made a donation with PayPal.


Robin Krom


Steve Smith



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