Imgur deletion hash in upload history (lost)


I observed problems after having uploaded an image to imgur.

1\. First, a deletion of one image did not work.
2\. Then, it was difficult to copy and paste the deleteHash out of the upload history table (I needed to type the link)
3\. I tried to delete the image manually on the web site, which was positively confirmed, btu the image was still present, even after having cleared all caches locally.
3a. I noticed a short servive interruption (imgru overload) screen in a browser
4\. Then I found, that the image was still in the upload history, and clicked delete (in Greenshot)
5\. The line with the link was deleted from the history, but also the deleteHash

6\. remaing problems:

- the image is still present on imgur (i.e. something went wrong with the deletion)
- but worse: I lost my deleteHash so that I now have no means to delete the image by myself

* Suggestions:

- make an immutable backup copy of upoload history ("Grand total log file") so that a deleteHash can never get lost.
- improve the delete dialog so that I can "survive" cases of imgur servive interruptions where a deletion is not done due to mid-air conflicts or lost requests, and that the imageHash - deleteHash correspondence is not delete unless the user expressly deletes that information.