"Capture" shortkut in Start Menu (pinnable to Taskbar)


As computer administrator I got feedback from some users,
that they just need easy to access icon in their field of view to take screenshoot.

Would be great to have such icon in start menu, then people would be able to pin this icon to Taskbar.

I understand that this is not as trivial as it looks and likely involves interprocess communication,
but this feature will make Greenshot usable for wider range of people.
(I mean many people are not used to Print Screen button or need to press Fn+PrtScr)


Windows 10, maybe Windows 7 too.


Mike Zane
March 25, 2020, 6:52 AM

I would love for this to be a thing. Many users I support are used to the Windows Snip it program which they can pin to the taskbar. When they click on the snip it program in the taskbar, it lets them capture the area they predefined (region, screen, window, etc.). They love the image editor option with Greenshot but have a hard time with hotkeys. As a result, they use Snip it and open the capture in paint to edit.

Andrey Petrov
February 13, 2020, 5:22 AM

Hello Jens. Yes, as i understand, they want to start region capture with this single mouse click.

As we speak about office workers, they usually need to capture screen region as they see it, quickly add some marks, like red circle or arrow, and then send to someone by email or in document.
Personally i also always have to add border to image before putting it inline email.

Also, because office workers have other thins to do, it is not easy to teach them new key combinations like Ctrl+Shift+C…

Jens Klingen
February 9, 2020, 2:02 PM

Thanks for your suggestion. Just to be sure my understanding is right: your users want to have a Greenshot icon their task bar - so what would they expect to happen when they click it? Region capture (i.e. same as PrtScr)?




Andrey Petrov