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We have problems with the program version if we want to open a screenshot with IBM Notes 10 as well as version 11. With myself it does not work with other colleagues Greenshot.ini were replaced scho this did not help. In our IT department all employees complain that this feature is not available. I hope you can offer me further solutions.




Robin Krom
December 9, 2020, 1:27 PM

Ah, I get it. This button is only visible if the email client is correctly setup to me the default MAPI client.

So you need to make sure that IBM Notes was set as the MAPI client for the machine. How to do this… well I’m not so sure, as I don’t have IBM Notes. But I would expect that you need to define it as the default mail client.

If you have a conflict, e.g. you like a different email client, but still want to a way to export to IBM Notes you might want to consider to configure IBM Notes to work from Greenshot as an external command.

Maximilian Rauch
December 9, 2020, 2:53 PM

Hello again. I have testet it. Notes is the default app! But also nothing was changed. We should find a other method.

Robin Krom
December 9, 2020, 8:09 PM

I think that being the default Mail APP doesn’t mean that it is registered as a MAPI client. To be honest, this is more a Windows admin issue and related to IBM Notes, as to Greenshot itself. Greenshot picks up the default MAPI client, if it’s correctly registered, and as Greenshot works on that example PC there must be a difference with those PCs.

I hope you understand that I will not go into lengthy discussions how to configure MAPI on Windows with IBM Notes, as this is not my main knowledge area nor something I get paid for… I bid you to check this issue with your IT department, they get paid to solve such issues

Another solution would involve, as I already mentioned, using an external command. See more details here: How can a screenshot be passed to another software? (

Robin Krom
7 days ago

Did you find time to check this with someone, e.g. your IT department?

Robin Krom
7 days ago

What actually might be interesting to try, is to create a registry key as is specified in BUG-2693.

In that issue it seems that the MAPI key wasn’t there.

On one of the systems having issues, can you create a string value MAP with value 1 under the location:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Messaging Subsystem

And restart Greenshot, and try again?


If that helped, you might want to check if the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \software\wow6432node\microsoft\windows Messaging Subsystem has a value. This supposedly set if you installed outlook as 32 bit on a 64 bit system. I might need to check two locations in that case…


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