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Cannot export to external command Paint.NET if .greenshot format is used

This happens if the image was last saved as *.greenshot
Or if yet unsaved and default save format (Settings>Output>Image format) is greenshot

It does not matter how you export to Paint.NET is triggered (
I tried the following that all failed:
a) choosing Paint.NET in the destination popup after capture
b) export from within the greenshot editor to Paint.NET
c) copy to clipboard in greenshot editor, paste to Paint.NET

Suggested change:
1) Relevant destinations should have a setting for default convert to format used when exporting a file in a format not supported by that destination
2) When placing a greenshot image on the clipboard also place a the image in jpg format as alternative for apps that do not support the greenshot format (not completely sure this is possible, alternatively make settings for how greenshot format is placed on clipboard)



Robin Krom


Jens Odborg



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