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I'm currently working on a silent installation package for deployment of Greenshot 1.0.0 on over 300 machines.

Is there any parameter to disable the automatic browser startup at the end of Installation, which redirects the users to this URL:

I use the following Commandline switches:


Content of the InstallConfig.inf:

;Dir=C:\Program Files\Greenshot

In my opinion for big deployments in corporate environments the possibility to disable this option is important.
Otherwise the helpdesk team will get a lot of unnessesary calls, because the users don't know this new program and are excited why this donation page pops up.

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Robin Krom
June 15, 2012, 9:06 AM

Hello Christian,

this is an interesting point, we more or less have "interest conflicts".

Greenshot is freeware, but costs us a lot of time and even some money to develop.

We don't want to have adverticing inside our application, but somehow we do need some way to make a bit of money otherwise we can't continue developing Greenshot. This is also the main reason we didn't bring out many features and bug fixes for a long time... For example, it's really hard to convince my wife I spend my time on Greenshot while there might be other things to do, things that might bring or safe money instead of costing something.

The website that pops-up is our way of getting at least a little money back. It's not much, we show Ads which brings us just a little to pay some bills. At the same time we give every user the chance to think about giving us a donation, since this was added the donations have gone up a little.

Building an option to remove this, is more or less shooting ourselves in our foot... with such an option we will reduce our income. (and even have to invest time in it!)

Your interests are clear...

We need to think about this! We have no issue that individuals use Greenshot for free, but thinking about corporations who save the license fees around $5 up to $42 per seat... it sounds a bit unfair to us... Still we have implemented some features for corporations only, unfortunately most are badly documented. (our configuration system makes it possible to supply custom default and fixed values)

Will talk with my Greenshot "colleagues" about this.

Best wishes,

Robin Krom
June 15, 2012, 9:06 AM
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Robin Krom
December 19, 2012, 2:10 PM

Hello Robin,

As Christian I'm working on a Greenshot deployment package for several hundred machines. I don't think there can be different points of view in this issue. Of course you have to make some money to continue development. What about offering a deployment version for a dollar (or 5) per client that has just one additional feature: It really can be installed very silent. Of course you would have to select another kind of license for this version.

Greenshot is a great tool and I'd appreciate very much if you continued your work on it.

My best from Stuttgart, Germany


Robin Krom


Robin Krom



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