How's v2 coming, and where's v1 source?


First, let me say that I love Greenshot. Thank you for continuing to maintain such a useful, free program.

As a C# developer, I would like to make some enhancements and maybe even submit them as pull requests. However, I only see source code for version 2, which is not released yet, correct?

This ticket is really two questions:

  1. How's the development of version 2 coming? Do you see it as: a next-quarter possibility? a year-end possibility? next year sometime? next two years? Just curious. Currently, my knowledge is .NET Winforms and I believe version 2 is .NET Core WPF, so I haven't tackled version 2 code so far.

  1. Until version 2 is out, is version 1 source still available? If so, then where?

Thanks so much.




Arioch The
September 1, 2020, 4:29 PM

Glad i could help.

I can not suggest on your starting point, i am not managed languages guy.

But from common sense, it seems since they did not pushed 1.3 to BB, then i would suspect 1.3 being bleeding unstable edge and GH being the primary repo. Also see the comment at

Maybe you can do something about .Net diagnosing/suggesting, which might (maybe not) make smoother older Windows experience,

Craig Silver
September 1, 2020, 4:18 PM

Thank you for your response. OMG, I’m an idiot. I didn’t look at the other branches. I see the v1 source now.

Yes, I am familiar with Git and its typical workflow. I would like to fix some minor bugs and perhaps add a small UI enhancement or two, which I would be happy to turn into pull requests--though I’ve never actually collaborated on a bigger team code base before--but primarily, for myself and for the company where I work, which uses v1.

IIRC, I did get my dev. environment working several years back when I pulled v1. I’ll try again but where/whom may I bug, if I have any questions?

Also, looks like 1.2.10 is the stable release but there is a 1.3 branch. Which do you recommend I work with?

Thank you again!

Arioch The
September 1, 2020, 2:59 PM

Hello, i am not a dev, just a bystander, happenned to end here today.

Saw this quesito and got puzzled.

Until version 2 is out, is version 1 source still available? If so, then where?

Do you have experience with Git version control system, or at least other VCSes ?

Because for me this questions look strange.

If you are modern developer i can not imagine how you live without VCSes and how you can contribute to open source projects (which collaboration relies on using VCS tools a lot).

But if you are VCS user then i wonder how could you find sources for 2.x but not for 1.x

There are two links to download sources at the bottom of

Those are not sources for 2.x or for 1.x - they are sources for ALL the versiosn in one place.

If you want to download some isolated inanimate zip, then switch the branch from “devel” to “Release/1.3” on GH or to “Release/1.2.10” on BB. If you want just to compile and have fun this should be enough. And i believe it would be those very “sources for version 1” you ask.

But if you want to actually get into the stream, be collaborating regularly, getting updates in and out, then you have to use Git as the tool, and keep your sources folder for ALL versions as a living breathing project, not a static isolated 1.x snapshot

I may suggest you one article and one book to read about Git workflows, to get a feel of it if you did not yet.




Craig Silver