Ability to open Image Editor Standalone


Can we please have a feature to open a blank Greenshot Image Editor? Currently the only way to open an image into Greenshot Image Editor is by clicking the taskbar greenshot icon>open image from file, then select image to open, then open in image editor.

1. A shortcut button [open Greenshot image editor] in greenshot taskbar icon menu.
2. A button [Greenshot image editor] inside Start>All Programs>Greenshot.
3. When I right click any image, [Open With], I can select [Greenshot image editor] and the image immediately opens up in Greenshot image editor. (Context Menu)

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Windows 10


Pierre Frederiksen
5 hours ago

I second that suggestion. The Greenshot editor is great, because like the capture facility it provides core functionality in an easy intuitive way, without bloat.

So, it would be handy if you can open any image (not just from a screenshot) in the editor.

I typically use Greenshot capture to place a snippet in the clipboard for direct pasting. But sometimes, the image needs editing before pasting. It would be great if I could easily open Greenshot editor and press a command (e.g. Ctrl + Shift + N) to paste into new image. And it would be handy to be able to open Greenshot editor to edit any image.

Robin Krom
March 30, 2021, 10:12 PM


can you give a bit more details, like what should the editor without an image open like? I mean normally the screenshot is the canvas to draw upon, what do you expect it to be when you open the editor without an image?

Btw. you can already map Greenshot to open images from the explorer if you like that, just do the mapping via “open with”.

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Dustin Stewart