Sequential numbers


Can you make an option for the filename pattern based on sequential numbers, which resets itself, and which you can choose the number of digits for the filename?

The "incrementing number" filename option is not practical for the purpose I'm thinking of, as it has to be reset manually. And you cannot choose how many digits you want.

I've seen this option on two other screenshot apps, which the only good thing about them was this option. It is for the purpose of for example screenshotting the settings of an app for backup. A date format on the filename instead of sequential numbering makes it difficult to delete and replace screenshots in the right order.

Thank you for the app.




March 22, 2021, 11:57 PM

Sorry I wasn’t very clear in my post I guess.

In Gadwin printscreen (old free version from several years ago) you could set it up in options so that when you pressed the printscreen hotkey it would for example take screenshots like this: s001, s002, s003 etc. And when you deleted for example s002 from the folder it saves the screenshots in, then the next time you pressed the hotkey it would create s002 in that folder, before going to s004.

In SnapCrab, which I tried before choosing Greenshot instead, it worked the same way, but even easier. You could just make it take screenshots without the “s”. So for example 001, 002, 003. And the same here, when you delete one of them it would create that exact number. If you delete all of them it would start from 001 again.

Both these apps did this automatically though, things were already set in options, so I didn’t have to start a session. I’m not sure if you refer to the same function with session feature.

Thanks for the reply.

Robin Krom
March 22, 2021, 10:31 PM

I’m trying to understand what you like, how do you reset the counter with other apps?

You are able to select the amount of digits with Greenshot though,

And you can also configure the number size, e.g. ${NUM:s-4} gives you 4 digits. There is a setting to configure the number on the expert tab, but I agree that it’s not very convenient, so please describe in a bit more details what you are doing and maybe I understand what you need.

I once thought about session feature, you can start a session of captures and inside this session there is a session name and a counter, which is only valid inside the session.


Robin Krom