adding EXPORTing of all opened greenshot screens INTO THE SAME EXCEL FILE (Word, PDF) (Excel is priority)






vladimir cher
March 10, 2021, 8:40 PM

Hello Robin

I would give an example when this feature as needed.

Today, I had a online ZOOM lecture at my job.

During the presentation, I made a screenshot of every slide shown.

So, I got about 50 greenshot screenshots opened in editor mode (at the same time I saved them).

I want to save them all into one file, say, Excel file at the same time, so later I can open it and read them in one document instead of opening each file saved.

Another situation. I work as software developer. I make changes in different parts of the system developed.

It could be 30-50 during a day. I make greenshot screenshots of every change I made and add comments to it by using text, highlighting, arrows. It would comprise a log of the job done during a day.

When there are 50-70 screenshots opened and I want to review last screenshot, I have to hover a mouse over Greenshot icon in the toolbar which shows all opened greenshot screenshots.

But the list is limited to 30 or 40 of them. So, I had to scroll down to the last one by pressing arrow down key. It takes about 10-20 seconds to get to the last one each time.

If I would be able to save all of opened screenshot and close currently opened, it would show only several last ones, so I can easy open and review them.

Currently, at the end of each day, I copy all opened greenshot screenshots and insert it into Excel file.

It take about half an hour or more depending on how many files are opened.

If I would be able to save all of them at once, it would be a big help.

I prefer saving screenshots into Excel, because I can move them around and resize them, or say put several screen next to each other, make a new screenshot  and add comments or arrows to show relationship between parts of the combined screenshots. I can put several screenshots horizontally in Excel, there is no space bounds to the right. This is not a case for a Word page.


Saving order in Excel, Word, or PDF should be based on time screenshot was created, it is shown in the screenshot title bar according to a file naming set in preferences.

I understand, it could be difficult to export into Excel, since a cell below of last exported screenshot is needed to export next image.

If the new feature would be implemented only for saving in Word, it would be fine, since I can easily copy and paste all of the screenshots into Excel.

Thank you

Robin Krom
March 10, 2021, 6:54 PM

Can you describe this in more details?

This sounds like an edge case, maybe something one needs every now and than. I myself can’t think of a reason where I would like to have such a thing.

Especially, how should Greenshot know where to export it (in the excel) and in what order?
Exporting an image to Excel is actually quite weird, as it doesn’t really sit in a cell.

For Word I can image, as you can type around it and do formatting yourself

But when we talk about PDF, what do you expect there? A screenshot per “page”?


Please describe as much as you can, about what you expect.




vladimir cher