GreenShot item/line into the Context Menu (right click)


Hi to all,

should be useful to get screenshot via mouse right click click a line/item/entry into the context menu to get a default kind of capture or using a sub menu offer all caputes type and more. Often it is uncomfortable remember and specific keyboard shortcuts or move the cursor to search the GreenShot icon in system tray often full of icons similar like nvidia and once identified start the steps for capture after a while and sometime during the search happens to forget the focus or the reason that I get inside the system tray icon and menus.

This option should be optional, maybe not active by default and should have the way to add submenu into the context menu and maybe personalize the actions for each sub menu.

I hope that someone find interesting this add and let available as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading



I'm using windows 7 pro 64-bit - Intel i7, ssd Samsung, 32 GB ram




Paolo Seltieri