Set different Destination for each Hotkey


Hello there,
I want to ask for a feature.
I would like to set for each hotkey action a different destination.
For example:
Capture full screen : "hotkey" : "save directly"
Capture window : "hotkey" : "Select destination dynamically"
Capture region : "hotkey" : "Open in image editor"

and on so far.
Probably the tab Destination would have to be merged into the "General Hotkey" section to set it for every hotkey each.
But this would be a nice option to use Greenshot in more different and free ways.
For example in fullscreen applications I wanna press the full screen captures without getting asked to have a nice screenshot of weird stuffs without getting asked what to do with it.
In normal Work I want to capture a region to mark something in the editor and so on.

If this would be possible, this would be a really nice update.
Hope you will ever read this and think of an update for your software, since it is not updated since 2017

Best Regards