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Greenshot has a great feature for Capturing screenshots. In our case, we send screenshots to customers and there is a wide variety of picture apps on their PCs. And even if they do have one - they may not know how to navigate the App Menu to do something with the picture.

Please add a SAVE AS PDF option (so our users can avoid the extra step of Printing to PDF) - which also requires them to select / navigate another file browser.

Perhaps also add an option to Select a default PDF Folder path or to USE EXISTING SAVE AS Path
Perhaps add a PDF option to AUTO-SAVE as PDF in the PDF Folder.

Happy to buy the new version for all our users if you add these features.


Windows 10/8/7


Robin Krom
October 30, 2020, 6:07 PM

Furthermore I'd like you to describe what you expect. I myself would just add it as a file type, so it's supported by most destinations. (Email, file, cloud, jira etc)

Also how should this pdf look like? I never had a use case where I'd want this, so I find it hard to imagine...

Robin Krom
October 30, 2020, 5:46 PM

Hi Thomas, just a quick question.

Greenshot for Windows is not for sale, so what did you mean with "Happy to buy the new version for all our users if you add these features."




Thomas Beardshear