green shot image editor and directly opening captured imge


i have to open micorsoft paint program because the green shot image editor icons is so small and i can't deal with it and lacks some features
also when i take screen shot i sometimes want to edit it and sometimes don't want to edit it
if i click the notification box that appears at the right bottom cornor it opens the image location not the image
and i can't set the program to automatically opens the editor because i don't want to edit every image i take




Robin Krom
May 11, 2020, 5:47 AM

First, there is a setting to increase the icon size!

In newer versions (>=1.3) this should work automatically, but do notice that not everybody has access to high DPI screens… so for us being free this was quite a high investment.

If you have Greenshot set to “select destination dynamically”, this is the default but you can find it in the destination settings, you can decide on that moment what you would like to do with your capture. Save it or open it in an editor, this includes the possibility to open the screenshot in paint.

You can even disable “select destination dynamically” and check save and the Greenshot editor, this will save your image and open the editor. The editor can be used to forward the screenshot other destinations (e.g. Paint) or can just be closed as it was already saved.

Hope this helps

Now back to what you reported here… a feature request is a description of what you would like to see. What you wrote here, is what doesn’t work… maybe because you didn’t know how to configure Greenshot correctly for your specific workflow. But I don’t directly can read a request for a feature in this. Can you describe what you would like to see?

ahmed medhat
May 14, 2020, 4:45 PM

thanks for your reply fist

iam uisng the latest version i think 1.3 is not out yet

i only want to open painter directly from the notification box, if i need to edit it i will click the notification box if i don’t want to edit i won’t click it and image will be saved directly to destination i have choosen

and another feature is mouse pointer, mouse pointer does appear in images and i can’t hide it , after i have taken and edited and typed on image i find that mouse pointer stacks in middle of screen shot it might be an image i want to embed in word or research, that wates my time because i have to recapture the image again i do capture zoomed area not full screen and i do capture many times to get the perfect captured zoomed area.

last feature is cancel capture or edit on the go the captured area again before catpuring, i press the capture hotkey on my keyboard i zoom the area i want to capture for some reasons like hurrying doesn’t cover the area i wanted to capture so i have to what,. press again the screenshot hotkey again and zoom again and capture a new image, this process might be repeated many times to i have many of unused pictures i have to delete

and if the zoomed area i have taken wrong and i pressed esc key on keyboard the app does save the image even when i clicked the esc button , it is supposed that key does revoke or escard the current image , no even when using esc the app does save image,

so i want any way to edit on the go i captured the image it is not right i for example click right click and manage to zoom again without having to press the capture hotkey again or saving wrong pictures

iam sorry for my bad english i hope you understood me

ahmed medhat
May 15, 2020, 6:10 PM

also something forgot to say,

if i take continious shots the notification box does appear in images

ahmed medhat
June 17, 2020, 4:29 PM

is there any new?




ahmed medhat