Create an Option to Use The Focused Window Title for Filename when using Capture Region or Full Screen


Improvement suggestion is to have an option to use the Currently Focused Window Title for the file name when saving a screenshot.

Currently, When saving a screenshot using the Capture Window option the file names are saved with the currently focused window title such as "2019-07-22 11_49_08-CPU-Z.jpg", with "CPU-Z"=${title}.

With the Capture Full Screen option, the file name is saved as "2019-07-22 11_50_50-Greenshot.jpg", with ${title}=Greenshot, regardless of if the focused window is CPU-Z.

And when using the Capture Region option, I have noticed that the "${title}" part of the file name seems to be the title of the window that you release the mouse on when capturing a region, and not the focused window.

So to improve the ${title} value when saving screenshots, I would suggest to add an option, such as a checkbox, to force ${title} to always use the focused/active window in all capture modes, and only default to "Greenshot" if no window is active.

Another method to implement the same functionality would be to add a new placeholder in the filename pattern settings such as "${focusedTitle}" and set it equal to the ${title} value that the Capture Window method would have used (Title of active window).

This improvement would help a lot when searching the screenshot folder to find specific applications or programs.

I use the Capture Full Screen method a lot when I have a focused window with other related windows in the background. And because the ${title} value defaults to "Greenshot" and not the title of the active window, I have to search through all the screenshots to find the one I need when It would make more sense to be able to search for the title of the active window.


Windows 7 Professional 64bit SP1. Greenshot 1.2.10 Build 6




Tj Marschel


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