Custom Capture Region


I volunteer for a non profit and we have the need to do some redundant editing. I find myself needing to capture the same area(s) relevant to the monitor I'm using. It would be great if I could define a preset capture area. Using the 'capture last..' is not a solution because I need variable captures as well. Short of running two instances of Greenshot at the same time (which I'm not sure I can even do on this machine), I can't see a way to incorporate a preset capture area.

The reason this has become an issue for me is that there is now a new preset area that I am using more often. In the past I would "get lucky" many times where I was able to use the 'capture last region' command but now, not so much. I hope I have explained it well, but have included an example.

tbh, it would be great to be able to define many custom capture areas, but I would take just one custom preset for now.

The biggest problem is that Greenshot is vastly superior and unique to almost anything available in the wild. Thus, I find myself using it for so many tasks, and using it a ton. Then I forget this is not a high priced suite of tools that are designed around customizing it for so many options and come back to reality.

However, on the odd chance that this was maybe and easy feature to implement I decided to open this request. Would this be tough to implement?

Thanks from a long time user/supporter.






r guthm