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Currently the editor title is only set when the screenshot is stored, this makes it hard to identify which editor has which content. Greenshot should present a clearer title automatically, which maybe is changeable by the user.

This feature request is based upon the work in the pull-request described here from Anders Lindén:

Accepting the PR is currently not possible, it will slightly confuse our users and we need many translations. (meaning if we implement something in the UI, it needs to be right at the start)

But it did create a valuable discussion, and a bug was noticed: event if Greenshot has more information during the capture, this is not visible in the title.




Robin Krom
October 4, 2017, 1:44 PM

Yes, features can be rolled out and be enabled via the ini.

Yes, there are translation files. No.. well, yes but the additional effort is comparable with huge features in Greenshot

No... not that I know of, and even if, integration these will be quite complex. But this is a cool idea

I will focus first on having a good default, automatic, title.

Anders Lindén
October 4, 2017, 1:26 PM

Could features that has no translations be hidden in the application instead of letting lack of translations stop the development process?

Also, can translations be user provided in some way? Then labels with no translations could be red and if the user clicks them, he/she can enter a translation that will be submitted.

There must be an already existing framework for that?




Robin Krom




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