Capture Region - Only Capturing Tiny Amount Of Screen & Not Displaying The Menu


Whenever I use "Print Screen" or try to capture a selection of the screen I am only shown like a few CMs with gridlines, I have no option to expand the box. The menu doesn't display either and shows as a window outline.

If I do a fullscreen capture it flashes but the menu doesn't open unless I completely close everything, even then I can't capture a selection.

I have tried reinstalling, closing all tabs and resetting the buttons. It is still broken.


Windows 10 - any software


Robin Krom
April 28, 2021, 8:46 AM

Can you make sure that you have the most recent version, I’m not sure if this is not the case, but the version in the reported issue is currently set to and we released a newer version long ago.

This looks really weird, we have many users and I can’t recall seeing this before.

Are you using any applications like:

Do you have the most recent version of Windows 10, and graphics drivers?

Was this always the case, or did it certain start? If so, when?




Joe Alder

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