All preferences lost when windows restarted


Greenshot loads on windows startup (as per settings), No preferences are set. not even language.




Robin Krom
5 days ago

Hi, thanks for the valuable feedback!

That is weird, Greenshot should not install a greenshot.ini in the program files directory!
If that happens, no wonder it gave the issue you were facing! We have a very specific feature which is for the portable / .zip versions of Greenshot, this will use the greenshot.ini in the same location as the greenshot.exe if it finds it there.

I really don’t know how the .ini arrived in that location, if you only used the installer. I will see if I can find a possible change to improve stability, but at least we know how to fix the issue.

Noneofyour Business
6 days ago

Hi there Robin, thanks for your quick response.

I downloaded the install version from the main link your site, installed over the previous version

I repeated the installation with the same result.

Greenshot.ini opened by pressing "I" in the "about" window, was in the greenshot program files folder not appdata.

It resolved when I uninstalled greenshot via control panel, deleted the program files greenshot folder (which had not been removed) and reinstalled. It found my OLD prefs in appdata! :>)

I don't know if uninstall programs can remove the program files folders but it seems like a good idea

(14/2/21 was the date I first upgraded the version, so the ini file appeared at the same time. I have no record in my downloads of ever downloading the portable version, which I know references ini in its installed folder; and highly unlikely I would have extracted it to the program files folder.)

Robin Krom
6 days ago

Just to give a disclaimer, I cannot support Windows XP, 7 or 8 anymore. But I don’t think this is an issue depending on your Windows version.

I’ve seen this before, but nobody was able to supply the answers to a few simple questions:

I’d love to know the following:

  • Where did you download Greenshot and how did you install it?

  • Did you install this recently, or did the problem start recently?

  • Did you upgrade Greenshot?

  • Did you install Greenshot as admin?

  • Where is your greenshot.ini

  • I’d love to see a greenshot.log, see here to find it:

Anything else which you noticed?

Noneofyour Business
6 days ago

AFTER re-setting prefs manually, When type "I" in "about greenshot" window, Greenshot.ini is empty.


The file date is 14/2/21. Windows 8.1




Noneofyour Business

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