Capture Region Key Only Takes Full Screen Screenshot in Background


Having begun one day out of nowhere a few months ago or so, the latest stable version of Greenshot, even after a complete uninstall, reinstall, and PC restart, only takes a full screen screenshot when I press the capture region (Print Scrn) key, rather than bringing up the cropping tool. As well as this, I never receive the options prompt for "copy to clipboard" etc.; it only silently saves the capture to my clipboard. When I press the full screen capture input (Print Scrn + Ctrl), however, it works as expected with the options menu appearing.


Windows 10 64bit, RTX 2080 GPU


March 24, 2021, 8:59 PM

It was set to “none” in the .ini file for some reason, weird since I never even knew where that file was before just now. Set the value back to “PrintScreen” and after a restart of the program it worked, thanks a lot for your help.

I also forgot to mention in the original post that this issue started as Greenshot only doing this before I’d click on the .exe (despite it already running), which would fix the problem and bring up the region capture UI from this hotkey as expected. Later on it devolved into the key somehow being unbound.

Robin Krom
March 24, 2021, 8:21 PM

Sounds like another tool has taken over the PrntScrn button, or maybe the hotkey is no longer configured. Look in the settings (which are usually maintained after an uninstall / install) if the hotkey is correctly configured. If this is the case, another application took over the hotkey, e.g. Dropbox, OneDrive or something else. The default behavior of the PrntScrn button without Greenshot is to copy the full screen onto the clipboard, so that makes sense. Doesn’t sound like a Greenshot bug to me.

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