Please allow for executing program upon screenshot


Please allow for executing program upon screenshot.

It is extremely important to be able to see a 'notification' of some kind that a screenshot was actually captured.

I have a little notification 'program' – actually a .vbs script – that comes up to save a screenshot was taken.

Please allow such.

Just as you allow the playing of a sound. Which I would never use. Allow the execution of a small program, for notification.


Nicholas Kormanik


Windows 10


Nicholas Kormanik
March 22, 2021, 7:47 PM

Robin, installed the latest beta version. Solved the matter perfectly. Specifically, Plugins, ExternalCommand. I compiled the .vbs into an .exe, and included that. Works wonderfully!

So, even though I couldn’t get “Notifications” to work on my computer, I now have a beautiful window pop-up saying “Screenshot Successful!” every time I press the capture keys.

Thanks very, very much….

Nicholas Kormanik

Robin Krom
March 20, 2021, 7:47 PM

If you have time, you can try the most recent version of Greenshot, it’s still in development but it might help. If it’s giving you issues, you can install the 1.2.10

You can find our unstable builds here:

Nicholas Kormanik
March 20, 2021, 7:23 PM

Thanks again, Robin. Still having issues with notifications. Damn Windows! But good suggestion, trying.

Robin Krom
March 20, 2021, 11:10 AM

Ah, okay, so I would rather say you have some kind of bug or miss configuration. This means we should look at why you are not getting any notifications. First, did you check if you are on the most recent version of Greenshot, that is 1.2.10?

Than you should check if the “show notifications” check is set in the settings:

If that is also the case, you need to check if Greenshot is allowed to sent notifications. Go into the Windows 10 settings, and find the “notifications & actions” screen, here you can turn them on and off for different applications.


While on the subject you might be able to specify what you like to see in a notification, I am writing a new concept on what we can do with notifications, what makes sense and what not.

Nicholas Kormanik
March 20, 2021, 3:45 AM

Thanks, Robin, for getting back. For some strange reason the notifications do not appear, apparently as they should.

Since they don’t appear, I really need an alternative notification. A good way is through post-capture option to run a program (such as paint, etc.). But I would use that option to run a notification. A .vbs script that pops up on center desktop for a couple seconds saying “Screenshot Captured”.

That way I can be sure the screenshot was actually achieved.

You have a really great program. But I hate not being sure a pic was actually taken (of important work).




Nicholas Kormanik

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