Capture mode turns screens black with Crosshairs only.


Issue has been going on for weeks making it useless to use. Just uninstalled and reinstalled latest version with no success.


Dual screen Windows 10


Robin Krom
July 21, 2020, 11:05 AM

Greenshot is dependent on a good functioning Windows system, most of the similar issues we have seen were due to graphics-driver issues.

I advice to do / check the following:

  • Make sure you have run Windows update and have the latest patches, update if needed.

  • Check if your graphics driver is the most recent, update if needed

  • You might have moved your screens in such a configuration that Greenshot can’t capture & present your screen. Check the “rearrange your screens” in the display settings. Your screens should be touching, we seen some Windows issues where settings were corrupt (try moving them to the correct location, just to be sure)

  • You could try a .NET repair, although I don’t expect much from that:

If that doesn’t help, let me know:

  • Is it a private system, or managed by an IT department?

  • Where did you download Greenshot, and how are you running it?

    • e.g from out website with installer, or as .zip which you copied somewhere?

    • If you installed it from the Microsoft Store, than I am sorry but that doesn’t belong to us and Microsoft doesn’t seem to care.

  • Do you have anything out of the ordinary in your setup, which you might need to tell me about?

    • Maybe you have an application which tries to cover confident information (screen protector)

  • Do you often change the screen configuration?

  • How can you reproduce the issue?

    • Does Greenshot have the issues all the time?

    • Are only certain capture types involved? Try a “Alt + PrintScreen” which will capture the active window.

    • Does Greenshot work directly after a reboot? If it is the case, how long until the problem starts occurring? (Time and number of captures)

  • Windows 10 version

  • Graphics card & driver version

  • .NET Framework version

Tim Slocum
August 6, 2020, 1:48 PM

All windows updates are in place, no monitor driver changes have occurred.

Displays are arranged properly, same exact monitor.

It is a work computer that is controlled. But others use the app and have no issue.

Software was downloaded from

Windows 10 version 2004

The Alt & Ctrl Prt Scr do not work. If I select capture full screen mode it captures it, but its all black when opening it.

I did exit it and reopen it, did not work. Ive rebooted, set to start on reboot. Did not work.

The Ctrl-Prt I thought worked a week or so ago, not now.




Tim Slocum

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