Windows 10 screen scaling


Hello, I love Greenshot! I use it regularly for work and home. One think I have noticed is that when I changed from a 1080p monitor to 4k scaled at 200% that the Greenshot editor's icons do not scale and are super small. I think the attached example shows this well. I have noticed other quirks such as the menu of options after a screen shot is taken appears either way too large on my non-scaled laptop monitor. Here is how you can reproduce this. Setup a Windows 10 PC with 2 monitors, one 4k scaled at 200% and one 1080p with no scaling (my specific setup has the second monitor on the laptop at default 1600x900). Try taking screen shots on both then opening them in the editor. Then slide the editor back and forth between the monitors that should "adjust scaling" during the slide. As you will see it does not adjust and depending on the monitor you take the screen shot on (and open the editor in) the consistency between fonts and button images is skewed funny.

4k scaled 200% with really small icons on the left/top menus:

I recognize this is mostly a windows scaling issue but other apps I use that are not Microsoft seem to be handling this better than the Greenshot app.

I still love it and will continue to use it


Windows 10
4k Monitor
Greenshot v 1.2.10 Build 6 (64 bit)




Chip Delozier

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