Delete Key Stopped Working


The <DELETE> key stopped deleting the currently selected object. Now I have to right click the object and select Delete. This is a lot of work for something that used to be so easy.

For years, I have done the following with more than half my captures:

  1. I Configure Greenshot to launch the editor immediately upon capture.

  2. I Capture a region without moving the cursor out of the region first.

  3. Greenshot opens the editor

  4. Windows sets focus to the editor window

  5. Greenshot selects the cursor object

  6. I Press <DELETE> to remove the cursor

This is an efficient flow: Note that there are only three I's in it. Without the delete key, the last step becomes:

  1. I move the mouse over the selected cursor object

  2. I right click

  3. If I miss and drag a shape handle, I have to go back to the start of this sequence

  4. Greenshot presents a context menu

  5. I position the cursor over Delete

  6. I left click the mouse

  7. If I missed, I cut (not so bad) or reset the size. Not too bad, but I have to go to the start of this flow.

As someone with pronounced familial tremor, I find these extra positioning steps to be a major nuisance.


64-bit Greenshot on Windows 10




Peter H. Smith

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