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Greenshot stops responding after a while


The past few weeks I'll notice that pressing Print Screen suddenly doesn't do anything anymore. It's often after I've used Greenshot to take a screenshot. I always use the window capture and then usually either save to desktop or copy to clipboard.

When this happens the Greenshot icon will still be in the system tray, but unresponsive. I can right or left click it all I want, nothing happens. If I then open Task manager Greenshot will also be in there normally, using 0% CPU and ~35MB of RAM and nothing about it not responding. I'll have to force quit it and restart the program. Often if I then take another screen I'll have to restart it again to take another, incredibly annoying when you need to take multiple screenshots.

Sometimes if I wait long enough Greenshot will suddenly open multiple window capture instances, probably because I pressed PrintScreen multiple times. This often takes 3-5 minutes however, so it's not really an option to just wait for Greenshot to catch up.

Log attached.


The past few weeks Greenshot will suddenly stop responding when I press PrintScreen, forcing me to close it through the task manager and restart it.





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