Greenshot startup with Windows not working - Copy+paste in HipChat not working


Newest Greenshot version 1.2.10 Build 6(64 bit).
In Task Manager is Greenshot in Autostart but user have to start it once manually before they can screensht with print button.

Copy+paste in HipChat not working fine. When user makes a screenshot an want to paste in HipChat from clipboard it seems the image is not saved to clipboard.




Robin Krom
October 9, 2017, 12:32 PM

Hi Patrik,

in general (not just for Greenshot) it's always bad to have multiple issues in one ticket, when we fix one thing we cannot close this... without closing the ticket we cannot bring it in production. (I can't write release-notes, telling everyone this has been solved and keep the ticket open)

Anyways... that said:

  1. Please specify a bit more information on the issue

    1. what Windows version are you using, and how is Greenshot installed?

    2. Is Greenshot running in process manager?

    3. Maybe Greenshot is started as a different user?

  2. When Greenshot exports to the clipboard, there are multiple formats of the image. Having an image on the clipboard doesn't mean every application can use this, this depends on the application and if the correct format is available. Having some formats on the clipboard make one application work, another application can suddenly have issues. Probably your Greenshot setup doesn't have the right format for HipChat. Now, we need to know how you work with HipChat, if it's inside the browser it responds differently as when you use the native windows application. You might be able to get things working by specifying different clipboard formats via the expert settings. (We don't use HipChat, so I don't know how to easily test this)

Patrik Bartok
October 9, 2017, 1:36 PM

Hi Robin,

you are right. So i will create two separate tickets for these issue´s and put in the requested informations. This ticket can be closed.

Regards, Patrik




Patrik Bartok

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