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Hey, I've tried to login for months now, I thought it was going to fix itself sooner or later but I'd really like to continue uploading to imgur with your incredible software.

Recently I reinstalled my computer and had to reinstall Greenshot, I can't recall what version I had before, I've been using it for a while now. Anywho, when I try to connect to Imgur I get an authentication problem.

So I thought I'd check it out and see if it was an easy fix before I post here, but I came nowhere, the only thing I found a wee bit odd, is that when I copied the adress it showed as an "URI", now frankly that could have nothing to do with the issue but I copied and pasted it to a web browser and I also got nowhere, so I exchanged the I to an L and it worked.
The problem still existed though, I couldn't get it to authenticate throughout the program, I'd really not like to upload to imgur as anonymous and I don't know what to do, is there by any chance you can help me out?

Here's the original link (blurred out numbers with x due to it being irrelevent to the issue) with the "uri" underlined*uri*+=

also here's some pictures of the error.


Windows 10
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge


Robin Krom
July 31, 2017, 6:39 AM

This duplicates BUG-2235, to reduce the amount of work & communication I will close this. All information on the fix will be visible in BUG-2235. So you might want to monitor that.


Robin Krom


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