RemoteApp windows are not captured correctly in automatic window capture mode


When trying to capture a RemoteApp window in window capture mode, the window gets resized / repositioned very quickly before taking the actual screen shot. Thereby, instead of the original window, Greenshot only captures the application icon (see attached screen shot). This only happens if the RemoteApp window is captured in window capture mode and window capture mode is set to "automatically" or "preserve transparency".




Fabian Weber
March 24, 2014, 2:55 PM

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Robin Krom
April 30, 2014, 4:58 AM


as you already noticed, this has something to do with "special" capture code and can be solved by changing the Window capture mode to e.g. Screen.

As this causes other windows to be captured without some Greenshot magic, like not having transparency, this is not always a solution.

As a workaround you could add the product name to the greenshot.ini value called "NoDWMCaptureForProduct". Here you can read where the greenshot.ini can be found:

If you need to know what the product name is, you use the Windows Task-Manager and right click on the process, select properties and go to the details tab. Here the product name is mentioned, add another "," behind the current value and than the complete product name.

I will try to reproduce this, maybe fix it, but the least I can do is add the value to the default settings.

The current default value for Citrix has an error, should be "Citrix ICA Client" instead of "Citrix,ICA,Client"... I will need to fix this in the next release, as code is modifying the value you cannot fix this yourself.

Best wishes,

Fabian Weber
April 30, 2014, 5:27 AM

Hi Robin,

thanks for your answer. I tried adding the product name and it worked. But there's a downside to this approach: The process displaying the RemoteApp window is mstsc.exe, the product name of this file would be "Microsoft® Windows® Operating System", which seems like a fairly common product name .
In addition, within my (german) copy of windows, the product name is "Betriebssystem Microsoft® Windows®" which is even worse because they translated the product name.

Would it be possible to add another exclusion rule? For example, exclude all windows hosted by process "mstsc.exe".





Fabian Weber

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