Greenshot Editor add text function: I cannot add a new line with the "Enter" key


Greenshot Editor add text function: I cannot add a new line with the "Enter" key. Instead, the test which is entered until then is entered to (that) new textbox, and this new textbox is placed at the current position.

I found this behaviour unusual and counter-intuitive.

Expected behaviour: when a new line / carriage return is added, further characters should land in a new line, and typing can be continued.

This is currently not the case (Typing and "add-text" function is ended when the Enter key is pressed).

Please fix this in next version.

  • Greenshot 1.1.6 Build 2779




December 4, 2013, 9:30 PM

Hello, thanks for your swift answer, however I am not really satisfied by your answer, because the key combination you mentioned is i) unusual and ii) not documented at the place where users need it

I mean: in the textbox - how can users know, when they are typing, that not Enter but ctrl+enter is adding a newline?

Currently, users need this special knowledge (from reading this thread), or perhaps need to study the manual. I regard this as complicated and not intuitive.

I always need "new lines" to properly format my textboxes.

As an alternative to ctrl+enter I suggest the widely used Shift-enter combination, and I also suggest to find a way, that in forthcoming versions of Greenshot the Enter function adds a new line, and a different way - for example a button - can be found to end the add-text action.

Robin Krom
December 5, 2013, 8:57 PM

I was mistaken, sorry, it should be shift-enter.

We will most likely change a lot of things as soon as we rewrite the editor, in 2.1 or later, for 2.0 the editor itself most likely won't change.

Jens Klingen
December 8, 2013, 7:59 PM

Hi guys,
It should be possible to use either: Shift+Enter or Ctrl+Enter. Actually there are quite some other tools that are using one of these shortcuts, so chances are good people find it.
However I agree that "chances are good" is not intuitive enough, maybe we should actually add a newline button, and write the shortcut into the tooltip...
Best regards,

December 8, 2013, 8:18 PM

> actually add a newline button, and write the shortcut into the tooltip...

I think we should add a "(end the) add text (function)" button (which close the text window, and then adds it to the screenshot, and not a "newline" button.

Jens Klingen
December 9, 2013, 8:28 PM

Thanks for clarification, I got that wrong... Still I am convinced that in an average Greenshot session ending text editing is ocurring a lot more often than inserting newlines, so I do not think we will change the default behavior. However, a newline button might actually be a good way to learn the shortcut by doing. We also might consider to have add an option in 2.1, making it possible to change what happens on Enter...
Thanks for your feedback & best regards,





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